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Ms. Patti Heigert, LCSW



847-680-2715 x266


Education: Master’s Degree in School Social Work,  Jane Addams School of Social Work, University of Illinois, Chicago. Clinical training, Henry Benson Institute through Harvard's Medical School.  Ms. Heigert is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.


Client Base: Ms. Heigert enjoys working with children, adolescents and their families.  She helps teenagers and adults succeed through the life cycle.  Ms. Heigert is particularly interested in women's issues throughout the lifespan, to empower women of all ages to live life to their full potential and support their growth and self-awareness. She has led a variety of groups for children and adolescents that have dealt with topics such as grief, divorce, friendship, self-concept, and learning differences.


Therapeutic Approach:  Ms. Heigert focuses holistically on the entire individual's wellness, including body, mind, and spirit.  She emphasizes the importance of eliciting the relaxation response to aid in one's total wellness. Ms. Heigert has applied her interest in a variety of ways while working with individuals, families, or groups.  In the school system, she works with a diverse population of children, adolescents and their families to enhance student potential in regards to social, emotional, educational, family, and special needs.  At all times, she strives to actively support the parenting process as she seeks to help strengthen the family's functioning.

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