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Ms. China Oughton, LMFT



847-680-2715 x231


Education: Masters of Science in Martial and Family Therapy, The Family Institute at Northwestern University; training in The Family Institute's Bette D. Harris Family and Child Clinic and the Parents In Charge (PIC) Clinic, Chicago, IL. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.


Client Base: Ms. Oughton works in a relational context with couples, co-parents and families looking to de-escalate conflicts, build connection, emotionally regulate and progress through life-transitions. She eagerly welcomes clients from a diverse range of ethnic and religious backgrounds and identifies as a LGBTQ+ affirmative and informed therapist. She also provides reunication and court-ordered family therapy.

Therapeutic Approach:  Ms. Oughton believes in using the strengths and values each individual carries to create a platform for change and accomplish co-created goals.  She works with clients collaboratively, uses an empirically informed treatment model and prioritizes the client-therapist alliance. Additionally, she is trained in EMDR therapy, which she can use supplementally to traditional psychotherapy or as a stand-alone treatment method. She has a nonjudgmental, validating and directive style and focus on creating safety and transparency. Theoretically, she uses an integrative, systemic model and gravitates towards cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), experiential techniques, as well as, mind-body connection and mindfulness strategies. Problem sequence identification, exploration and reformation are also key pieces of her work.

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