Psychological Evaluation and Diagnostic Services


Counseling Connections offers a number of trained clinicians dedicated to helping provide deeper insight into how individual’s unique behavior, personality, and learning style are influencing their current presentation.  We employ a strengths-based approach to identifying natural and environmental supports and appropriate interventions that are best suited for each individual.  Upon completion, clients are provided with a personalized written evaluation and tailored recommendations aimed at focusing future treatments. 


Standard Psychological/Diagnostic Evaluations provide a comprehensive measure of one’s current presentation.  Clinicians incorporate clinical interviews with formalized assessments to gain a fuller picture of cognitive, emotional, and behavioral functioning.  


Neuropsychological Evaluations help clarify concerns related to cognitive functioning, attention difficulties, learning and memory, and executive functioning.  The results of a neuropsychological assessment are intended to identify not merely any intellectual or learning difficulties, but also any other cognitive or psychological difficulty that may be a contributing to an individual’s profile.


Autism Spectrum Disorder Evaluations include a comprehensive assessment of one’s social-emotional learning and social interactions.  This type of assessment incorporates structured developmental interviews, an evaluation of social and communication skills, and an examination of current cognitive and adaptive functioning.  Assessment of one’s executive functioning and mood may also be warranted to identify co-occurring difficulties often associated with the ASD diagnosis. 

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