Ms. Betty Lindquist, MBA

Ms. Betty Lindquist, MBA

Practice Administrator

Betty Lindquist, MBA 

Practice Administrator of Counseling Connections and one of the founders of Connections Day School, South Campus, New Connections Academy, Connections Academy East, and Virtual Connections Academy.  She began her career as a Juvenile Probation Officer in Lake County and formed Counseling Connections in 1983.  Ms. Lindquist was responsible for the development of a custody and visitation program for Lake County Family Court to assist families in resolving issues with professional support.  Currently, she is responsible for the administration of Counseling Connections and their five schools serving students with emotional and behavioral issues.  Ms. Lindquist was also appointed to chair a taskforce to address issues of truancy in Lake County by the Lake County Juvenile Justice Counsel by Michael Waller.

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