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Counseling Connections
Welcome to the Counseling Connections website... Counseling Connections building

Welcome to Counseling Connections where psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and professional counselors have come together to be committed to giving you the power to change your life.

Family stress, conflicts with children or personal problems and relationships can seem overwhelming.  We know that you want more than a kind word and a pat on the back.  You want real results so that you and your family can start feeling better fast.  Our team of experienced clinicians is ready to begin working with you to develop practical solutions to the problems you face.         

Because we have professionals with a wide range of training in specialty areas, we are able to properly serve the clients referred to us.  We are able to provide diagnostic services to assist you in determining your needs.  We provide individual therapy, family therapy, couples therapy and medication management. 

We also have a team of professionals who work closely with the court system for families involved in civil or criminal matters, including divorce.  We also work closely with school systems to assist families with children with educational needs or emotional needs which are impacting their education.  We provide psychological evaluations as well as psycho-educational evaluations when needed for schools, the courts, and families. 

Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinic
We have opened our Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinic in both our Libertyville and Vernon Hills Locations.  Our services include psychiatric consultation, psychotherapy, speech therapy, Occupational Therapy, Psychological Testing, Parent Educational programming and Consultation to Schools. 

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Cogmed - A Working Memory Training Program
Clinically-proven results demonstrate that after training, users improve their ability to concentrate, control impulsive behavior and better utilize complex reasoning skills. In the end, in the case of children training, better academic performance can be achieved especially in math and reading.

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